Research projects

Project 1:

Masters (M.Sc.)

Influence of process parameters on the distortion of large aluminum plates formed by thermoforming:
– Propose innovative solutions to our industrial partners as well as the expertise and experience necessary for the resolution of complex problems and which meet the demands and needs of the transportation industry in Canada.
– Numerical simulation of the SPF shaping process by EF methods.
– Study the process parameters of superplastic shaping ‘SPF’ by numerical simulation.
– Characterize the aluminum alloy microstructure.

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Project 2:

Masters (M.Sc.)

  1. Development of a map of heterogeneity in the as-cast structure and the forged microstructure
  2. Determination of critical transformation parameters causing heterogeneity of the microstructure during ingot solidification
  3. Development of a predictive tool for the elimination of porosity and casting defects
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Doctorate (Ph.D.)

  1. Influence of alloy chemistry and solution heat treatment on the solidification structure of large ingots.
  2. Influence of alloying elements and deformation conditions on the kinetics of phase transformationin high strength steels.
  3. Prediction of the evolution of grain size during open-die forging.
  4. Analysis of generation of distortion and of residual stresses during quenching-tempering process
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Post doctorate

  1. Experimentation and modelling of macrosegregation in large ingots.
  2. Optimization of open-die forging of large ingots through experiments and modelling.
  3. Optimization of microstructure and residence time in the furnace during heating process: Experiment and modelling.
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